Get Your Home Ready to Sell

It’s true!  You never get a second impression.  Start with your lawn and flower beds.  Mow the lawn and fertilize if needed.  Keep flower beds weeded.  Landscaping is becoming an important sales factor.  Curb appeal has always been important, but with a growing number of homebuyers viewing properties online, the way a home looks on the outside is becoming an even bigger factor.

Make your front door look welcoming.  Clear away all children’s toys.  Sweep away leaves and dirt.  Add a welcome mat, seasonal decoration, or wreath to create a charming look. O:P>

Buyers don’t like dust and dirt.  A little bit of furniture polish can go a long way.  Dust furniture, cabinets, anything that isn’t sparkling!

Clean those windows!  Bring in the natural light.  Even if you don’t usually leave your curtains or blinds open, it’s a good idea to open them for a showing appointment.  This will let natural light come in and highlight your walls and ceilings. 

Clean the kitchen!  A potential buyer will look in your oven and dishwasher.  Remove stains and food buildup.  Clear off the clutter on counter tops.  Organize your cabinets and pack away items you don’t use. 

Bathroom appearance is very important.  It should be as clean as the kitchen.  Move the clothes hamper.  Clear the clutter from the countertops.  A prospective buyer isn’t interested in what kind of shampoo or cologne you wear.  Repair caulking.  Clean grout is a must.  Polish the fixtures.  Clean the toilet. 

Flooring can make or break a sale.  Make your floor shine.  Vacuum the carpet and have it steam cleaned if there are noticeable stains.  

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.  Get rid of clutter!  Don’t overload a room with furniture, don’t overkill walls with pictures and knick-knacks, don’t pile anything on the stairs, and don’t pile magazines, newspapers or books.  One book with a pretty cover can look charming on a coffee table. 

Help your closets and storage areas to look larger.  Closet organizers and shelf stackers can be purchased at reasonable prices.  They save space, keep your stuff where it needs to be, and enlarges small spaces.  A great way to organize a garage is by adding shelves.  Paint a small area’s walls a light color.  

Service your major appliances.  Clean the exterior as well. 

Minor repairs can pay back a bundle.  Tighten loose door knobs, repair screen doors, fix dripping faucets, and keep sliding doors on their tracks. 

Most buyers feel more at ease if the sellers aren’t present at a showing of the home.  It gives them a chance to ask questions freely and point things out to the realtor without worrying about the sellers’ reaction. 

The person buying your home may not like animals.  It’s a good idea to keep a pet out of the way on the day of the showing.  Put the dog in the back yard or leave your pet with a friend or neighbor.  It’s just for a few hours.  If you have other pets such as fish, hamsters, birds, etc., clean their cages so that there is no pet odor.

Most appointments to show your home will be made during the day.  However, some appointments may be made during the evening.  If so, turn on a porch light and keep your home well lit inside as well.  You want it to look inviting. 

If something is attached to the home that you wish to take with you after closing go ahead and remove it.  Curtains, expensive custom blinds, large decorative mirrors in the bathroom, chandeliers and other light fixtures may be a deciding point for the sale.  By removing them before the buyers ever have a chance to see them you can save yourself from a potential problem.  If you do remove an object such as a light fixture or decorative bathroom mirror, replace it with something that is comparable.